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New Yorkで数多くのグラミー賞受賞歌手を輩出するThe New School Universityを卒業し、



She has lectured at music colleges and professional schools in Japan and the U.S.,

as well as held workshops for actors and women.

She graduated from The New School University, which has trained many Grammy Award-winning singers in New York, and learned the method from her experience of performing on many stages.

She teaches methodically from the latest vocal techniques based on IVA and Estill Voice Method to musical sense, stage presence, and performance mindset, which have been taught in vague terms such as "talent" and "guts".


ニュースクール大学ジャズ&現代音楽学部 ジャズボーカル専攻


発声をQ Lim(ブロードウェイ「王様と私」準ヒロイン役)

歌唱法をHoward Mcgillin(ブロードウェイ「オペラ座の怪人」最長ファントム役)

演技をJoe Grifasi(映画「バットマンリターンズ」ドラマ「Law and Order」など出演)に師事

Estill Voice Method サーティフィケート レベル1&2を取得 

The New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music majoring in Jazz Voice.   Graduated with Jazz Scholarship

Studied with Q Lim (Broadway's "The King and I" as the semi-heroine) for vocalization

Howard Mcgillin (Broadway's "Phantom of the Opera" as the longest Phantom) for singing

Joe Grifasi ("Batman Returns", "Law and Order") for acting

Estill Voice Method Certificate Level 1&2 

Past Workshops

東京スクールオブミュージック専門学校 特別授業

演出家 鈴木裕美の演劇のことを話す時間 Vol.3 ニューヨークでの俳優とプロデューサーとの間で交わされる契約書について





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