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Kazue Kiyono

About Me











While still in high school, she made her debut as a professional musical actress

in a musical created by Horipro, one of the biggest musical theater companies in Japan. 

After graduating from Waseda University, one of the top universities in Japan, where she studied modern psychology, she moved to New York City.  Graduated from the Jazz Voice Department of the New School University with Jazz Scholarship.

Performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Birdland, Off-Broadway, and Broadway U.S. tours with Grammy and Tony Award-winning artists.  

She has won top prizes in numerous competitions including Music International Grand Prix held at Lincoln Center.

She has taught singing to top actors and singers in Japan, and has also taught at music schools and music academies.

As a mother of a child, she also holds rhythmic classes using jazz and film music.



New Yorkで数多くのグラミー賞受賞歌手を輩出するThe New School Universityを卒業し、



She has lectured at music colleges and professional schools in Japan and the U.S., as well as held workshops for actors and women.

She graduated from The New School University, which has trained many Grammy Award-winning singers in New York, and learned the method from her experience of performing on many stages.

She teaches methodically from the latest vocal techniques based on IVA and Estill Voice Method to musical sense, stage presence, and performance mindset, which have been taught in vague terms such as "talent" and "guts".

Music for Children




小さい頃からパーティーカルチャーを学ぶMusic Tea Partyも開催し、音楽を通し、世界中どこでも活躍できる教育を提供します。

Using standard songs such as jazz, cinema music, and musical songs, the class is designed to be "not treating children like children".

I offer the newest bilingual intelligence development lessons in both English and Japanese, introducing Montessori, STEM, Reggio Emilia, and more.

I also hold Music Tea Parties where children learn about party culture from a young age. Through music, I provide an education that will enable children to succeed anywhere in the world.


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